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Spice Square Selected Perfection

Always Taste the difference

We first opened our doors in May of 2023. Our aim is to provide our community with the finest products; the very best handpicked spices to enhance your every dish. To keep guaranteeing just that, we have developed relationships with the best vendors. Together, we make sure to always carry the authentic spices to bring you that bona fide taste.


About Us

Spice Square owners are a dynamic duo husband and wife team. The lady of the house's obsession with her husband's delicious home-cooking first began back in 2018 when they were just young newly -weds. The team created variations of spice blends and used these blends in different Guyanese dishes such as meat and vegetable curries. His love for cooking and special mix of spices could be attested by family and friends. In addition, they would experiment with other recipe mixes to make naturally delicious teas for family members to enjoy.  At Spice Square, we believe good food and quality ingredients should be readily available to everyone at a reasonable price.We live by the motto, "No more compromising with taste,sprinkle the spices!"

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Contact Us

At Home Hempstead, NY

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